This blog was a bit of an inspiration from Shubham Shah infosec_au to collect my thoughts and publish some of my research works.

I currently do low-level bug bounties, lots of Capture-The-Flag stuff, and teach Forensics at Deakin University. I have a passion for security education in Australia, especially the tertiary sector, and am working on bettering this via CTFs and practical teaching.

My thesis is currently titled Gamification in IT Security Education: A CTF Approach and is being developed by my interactions with the Deakin Information Security Club I run with Luke Bridger.

Recently we ran one of Australia's first ever open day 'Capture-The-Flag' competitions and so along with a few more technical posts, i'll be writing those up soon. Haven't settled on a name yet, but i'm thinking 'Security meta' or the current Digital Metamorphosis. Security isn't my only passion, entrepreneurial thinking and startups get me chatting real fast!