This idea was inspired by one of Tim Ferriss email lists called 'Five-bullet Fridays' where he composes a simple list of what he's enjoying or pondering. My flatmate recommended it to me.

Similarly, I felt the best way to convey my thoughts is by having a posting process for finance, penetration testing, and anything useful or casually relaxing I find.

Monthly Wrap-Up

This month has been crazy! I've moved into the beautiful and inspiring city of Melbourne (pic related), and booked my Offensive Security Certified Professional course for February. Furthermore, i'm moving into my third month at work and can't wait to post more about the exciting things happening in that space. I also hope to return to Deakin University to help set up the next iteration of the Cyber Security Club, and work on improving my thesis to aid in the gamification of Cyber Security programs (hint: eSports?) with Lei Pan.

Projects i'm working on - A podcast and udemy course for up & coming young hackers in the industry.

Technical Projects - Setting up a Capture-The-Flag server for SecTalks Melbourne

Books I've read & reading

  • Re-Work - 7signals (r)
  • The War of Art (r)
  • Your money or your life (re)

Podcasts and Audiobooks

  • The Tao of Seneca: Letters from a Stoic Master - Tim Ferris
  • Hack The Entrepreneur - Jon Nastor
  • Defensive Security link

Music i'm relaxing to - The Woodlands - Long Lost Century link

Cool Apps i'm looking into

  • Clef - 2Factor Authentication
  • Blinklist - Read entire books in 15mins

Movies I've enjoyed - Joy: incredible movie about business, an entrepreneur and hard work. Inspirational!

Articles i'm reading

  • Why you need an application security program SANS
  • Developments in car hacking SANS

Hacking Competitions I participated in - Enigma EFF CTF link

What i'm looking for - Business and Technical mentors.

Random Ramblings

Homeless Considerations - Kathmandu has some really nice quality sleeping bags for only $40-60. I'll be looking at getting some for those without near me - if you did too, we'd have a lot less people freezing as it gets to winter.

Money Exercise - Make an excel graph of all the money you have ever earned in your entire life over the years. Now overlay it with spending. Be proud of what you've earned, and change what you've spent. From here on, investments, spending and saving is visualized in a way that aligns it to your goals. Try it!

Interesting Careers - 21st Century - My sister is currently studying her Masters of Genetic Counselling. An exciting topic I truly miss discussing with her about at home, definitely watch this space for innovations in the field in the near future.

Non-Zero Days - I work in an industry that communicates heavily around 'zero-days' as exploits in the wild that target vulnerabilities not yet discovered by vendors. However, if you're struggling to focus at school, university or improving your technological landscape - I recommend looking into 'Non-zero days.' A useful technique in ensuring every day you accomplish something no matter how small the task. Discipline trumps motivation when it runs out. I always return to this post when facing an uphill battle.

And that's it! Apart from the following points, last week I was excited to met with a past member of the Corelan Exploit Team, expand my Melbourne investment portfolio, and start putting things in place for Aus Hacking Competitions. Just a reminder that none of my thoughts, views or opinions reflect that of my employers - although my skills and experience most certainly do.

Have an amazing February - what are you going to accomplish within the next month?